Freshlife to feature on TEN's Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield

Exciting news! Freshlife products have been selected to feature on Network TEN’s brand new television series, Everyday Gourmet hosted by popular Masterchef season 1 contestant, Justine Schofield!

The agreement will see Freshlife products used in a variety of delicious and exciting recipes throughout the season by Justine and her guests.

Everyday Gourmet is a new daily cooking show that features cooking tips, tricks and insights to help home cooks become more confident in the kitchen.

Everyday Gourmet will be a great way to demonstrate the value and versatility of the Freshlife range. We hope it will inspire the invention of innovative meals, baked goods and snacks in the Kitchen across the nation.

Freshlife’s range is loved by professionals and home cooks alike who relish the fact that our products are grown and picked from quality growers from Australia and beyond. 

It will be a true thrill to see Freshlife products being handled by experts who are as passionate about good food as we are.

Everyday Gourmet is currently screening on TEN each weekday at 4pm.